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Kitchen and Home


  • Repurposed cotton bowl and jar covers -A Small Change (NC-local item!)

  • Repurposed cotton produce and snack bags - A Small Change (NC-local item!)

  • Dishwashing soap block - Bestowed Essentials (SD)

  • Laundry Powder (bulk)- Bestowed Essentials (SD)

  • Laundry Stain Stick -Bestowed Essentials (SD)

  • Straw pouch and straw cleaners - Bestowed Essentials (SD)

  • Reclaimed wooden soap dish -Bestowed Essentials (SD)

  • Glass Reusable straws - Cypress Barista (NC-local item!)

  • Repurposed denim straw pouch- Cypress Barista (NC-local item!)

  • Dropps dishwasher pods- Dropps (PA)

  • Sidekick snack container - Earth Hero (CO)

  • Mason jar drink lid- EcoJarz (NY)

  • Bamboo Cutlery Set - EcoRoots (CO)

  • Bamboo soap dish - EcoRoots (CO)

  • Cotton String market bag - EcoRoots (CO)

  • Dish brush and replacement heads - EcoRoots (CO)

  • Stainless steel straws - EcoRoots (CO)

  • Cotton Sandwich wraps - Marleys Monsters (OR)

  • Cotton snack bags- Marleys Monsters (OR)

  • Reusable sponges - Marleys Monsters (OR)

  • Beeswax Wraps (vegan option available) - Mishka Hands (CA)

  • Reusable produce bags - Mishka Hands (CA)

  • Stojo collapsable travel mug - Stojo (NY)

  • Swedish Dishcloths - Three Bluebirds (CT)

  • Dish scourers and bottle brushes- Eco Coconut- (CA)

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